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Four o'clock is Draw O'clock! I want to improve my drawing. So I'm going to upload ONE picture every day. Whatever it is, it's going up.


» On the Road Again

The road to recovery is a bumpy one. My laptop is back on its feet, but there have been casualties in the form of creative programs such as Photoshop... It'll be some time before I'll get that back, methinks. But I'm on the case! Or rather, a good friend of mine is.

However, I did get myself OpenCanvas, but I find it kind of pointless to use without someone there to draw with me. Regardless, everything is slowly coming back together, so hopefully it shouldn't be long before we're back in business.

Until then, stay awesome.


» Well... Bollocks

My laptop's begun showing signs of severe old age. System I/O errors, corrupted settings and personalisation, slow boot-ups, dead batteries and loose power connections... It's no good.

I'm currently backing up as much as I can before starting a full system wipe and reset. So... This new year's project is temporarily on hold while I attempt to revive the old boy. I'll be doing some traditional sketches while the laptop's down so hopefully I can get those uploaded for you guys.

Until then, I'll see you laters.


» Four O'clock is Draw O'clock

Hey guys.

I'm Luke, and I want to get back into drawing. So, every day, at 4pm (UK) I am going to draw something. Anything. I will give myself 1 hour to draw something decent. If I'm happy with the result before time's up, then it goes up. If I run out of time and I'm not happy with it, it goes up.

This is going to be terrible. Hope you have fun watching me improve or fail!


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